It’s safe to say that the digital events landscape is fast-evolving. Virtual events have become the norm over the past year as we all stay isolated in our homes. While we’re all used to virtual events at this point, we may not be taking full advantage of all of the features that are provided by digital platforms.

Here are 3 tips that will help you to make your virtual event a success:

1. Choosing the Right Virtual Event Platform

One of the most important things to do when hosting a virtual event is to choose the right platform for your event type, criteria and budget. Possible event platforms range from social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live. Other platforms, not on social media, include Zoom, Hangouts Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Choose the platform that best suits your event, what you’re trying to accomplish, and who you’re trying to reach.

virtual meeting

2. Promoting Your Virtual Event

It’s essential to promote your event in advance to ensure that people are aware of when it’s happening. Make sure to connect through both email and social media. Social media is a great space to be innovative and to curate fun content to interact with your following. Consider creating an event hashtag to use before, during, and after your event to better engage with viewers and to start a conversation!

3. Repurpose Your Video Content

After your event, don’t be afraid to repurpose your video content — this information is still valuable even after the event is done. Share clips of the video on social media, put it on your website or blog, or even upload it to YouTube! This content can be incredibly helpful for marketing purposes.


Follow these tips and tricks to make your virtual event a success!

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