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Is your Logo or Brand memorable?

Your logo and brand provide your company an identity. Your logo should be simple in concept, should relate to your company’s focus, and should, above all, stand out among your competition. Your logo needs to send a clear message of who you are, what you do, and the quality of your product or service.  It must be unique and adaptable across various media, render well in simple black and white and then scale to a full-color design.  Is it powerful on a billboard but ineffective on a postcard? Will it adapt to changing trends in fashion and corporate design?

Nothing stays the same, but your logo and brand should endure for the life of your company.  Consider highly recognized brands such as: Nike, McDonald’s, Reebok, Coke, and Pepsi.  Your brand needs to instantly gain its spot within your marketplace and among its competitors.  These are all critical considerations for a logo that will stand the test of time.

Not sure where to start? Our creative team can help you to develop a logo that is timeless and represents your company for years to come.

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Corporate Identity

Corporate Branding is all about consistency.  Even if you become bored with your logo, your clients have come to recognize and trust in its familiarity.  The most powerful brands on the planet are simple and consistent- Nike, Adidas, Ford, Coca Cola, Pepsi. The marketing teams behind these powerhouse brands certainly have creative ideas that they would love to implement, but they are wise enough to understand that effective branding means looking beyond their boredom and focusing on what their customers want and expect from them.

Corporate branding represents a level of quality and consistency that a customer expects from your company.  Having an established set of brand standards for the use and performance of your logo and brand is critical.  Your standards manual will act as your guide to prevent your marketing messages from straying from the main theme or purpose of your brand.

A consistent and attractive brand can help your business to be recognizable and keep you in the race for corporate success!

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Marketing Materials

Marketing collateral provides a means of communicating with your potential buyers and shouldn’t be confused with advertising; marketing materials are most effective when they are used later in the sales process. A company should first identify who their potential customer is, then create collateral that speaks directly to their needs, offering an attractive solution.

It is true, we are in the age of digital communications- we are huge advocates of the benefits of digital marketing-however, the strategy to surround a client and to interact with them via multiple touchpoints is very valid.  Key benefits of using marketing collateral include:

  • Creating credibility for your products and services
  • Explaining the benefits of your product or service
  • Providing an effective way to weave your products/services into potential buyer’s lives.

A strategically determined purpose for your marketing materials will provide validity and strength to your marketing strategies.

mainstream marketing portfolio.bezaire associates stationary
mainstream marketing portfolio salvation army windsor kettle cards
mainstream marketing portfolio heather bezaire business cards
mainstream marketing portfolio windsor connect postcards
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video explainer

Social Video Ads & Explainer Videos

We don’t just want to see pictures as we scroll through our social posts- we want movement and  sound!   Videos continue to gain popularity across all social platforms and offer a dynamic approach to your marketing strategies.

An excellent way to grab your audience’s attention, tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them is with an Explainer Video.   People are far more open to ‘watching’ information than they are to reading it- especially in this quick-paced world!

We can help you to create effective videos that promote your products or services with quality scripts and professional video editing.

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