Our expertise and experience is varied and extensive. Mainstream leads its industry through continuous growth, continuous education and rigorous improvement programs that fine-tune our skills for the most current and relevant marketing strategies.

In 2008, Mainstream launched its training division called: Mainstream Corporate Training. Since then it has become an a multi-national training company, serving clients around the globe. Mainstream Corporate Training has primarily focused its training programs around a variety of management, business, communication and leadership training solutions to improve individuals, teams and lead organizations to success.


We continue to “pay it forward” to our clients and so many other businesses in a large variety of industries. We currently offer an extensive library of over 120+ training programs that are  meticulously developed in collaboration with a large research and development team including professional content writers and developers, in-field executive professionals, certified human resource professionals  and not withholding our own teams talents, skills and knowledge. The end result is a library of training programs that each include their own training manuals that were developed and comply to all blended learning styles and that utilize a unique and specific learning technique called Accelerated Adult Learning.

Once you experience one of our training programs your bar for future training programs will be set very high!  We have put an exceptional amount of time, energy, talent and expertise and financial commitment into our programs and in mastering accelerated training techniques, in our commitment to ensure each participant receives a premium learning experience.

To learn more about our Training Programs, to book an appointment with our lead trainer or to consider some of our programs for your own self study through our online E-learning options, visit our Mainstream Corporate Training website and browse our online library of over 120+ training programs at: