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The Power of Hashtags

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While the hashtag has been around for 12 years now, many people still do not understand the purpose and importance of them. Although the hashtag initially began on Twitter, it has quickly expanded to become an integral aspect of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Hashtags are used on social media websites to help users find information relating to a specific topic, theme, event or conversation. Hashtags make it easier for users to discover posts and engage in conversations surrounding a specific topic by filtering relevant content. For marketers, hashtags help to create visibility for campaigns and to reach relevant audiences. Hashtags contribute to exposure and make your content more discoverable. Additionally, they give you the ability to facilitate a conversation with supporters. In turn, this may help to make your brand more personable.

Below are 4 reasons why hashtags are essential for digital marketing:

  1. Competition: Instagram hashtags are a great way to find out who your competition is and what they are offering. For instance, you can search hashtags to research competitors top posts and what hashtags they use.
  2. Branding: Hashtags are an essential way to expand your audience and create brand awareness. When consumers search a hashtag, your branded posts will come up, thereby increasing your chance of gaining new followers and potential customers.
  3. Visibility: Perhaps the most important aspect of utilizing hashtags is the visibility that they create for your brand. By incorporating hashtags, it is much more likely that your brand will be noticed online.
  4. Promotion: Hashtags are incredibly valuable for marketing campaigns as they provide the ability to create targeted campaigns. Hashtags are similar to word-of-mouth marketing – if you post a hashtag as part of a promotion, it is likely that your followers will also use this hashtag. In addition, not only does a hashtag connect you with your followers, but they also allow brand supporters to connect with one another.

Whether you’re a new business or just looking to get your message across on social media, hashtags are incredibly useful and cost-effective way to do so.

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