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Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

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More than 30,000 companies worldwide utilize LinkedIn as a networking platform. As such, reaching out to talent acquisition on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a suitable match for your position.  

Both talent acquisition and recruiting share the same goal: to place people into open positions. However, there are differences. Recruitment addresses a company’s short-term needs, whereas talent acquisition is a business and HR strategy that acknowledges an organization’s long-term goals. Talent acquisition is a more thorough process that identifies and vets’ candidates for leadership roles and jobs that require specialized training. 

LinkedIn recruiter can help your company to find, connect with, and manage individuals you want to be on your team. LinkedIn can help you to: 

  • Cut down hiring time by connecting you with the right people fast 
  • Reach out to candidates through InMail 
  • Easily share candidates’ profiles with hiring managers and team members 
  • Give you updates on candidates who have recently edited their profile 

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