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What is Marketing Automation?

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What is Marketing Automation?

You’ve likely heard the term ‘marketing automation used before. But what does it mean? Marketing automation is a technology that can execute, manage, and automate marketing tasks and processes. Through the use of marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, social, web, and text instantly. Automation tools help businesses to implement a digital marketing strategy without having to manually press “send” on every email, message, campaign, or post that is created. Marketing automation successfully develops personalized experiences for customers based on their digital profiles. According to Emailmonday, approximately 49% of companies currently use automation as part of their marketing strategy.

3 Categories of Marketing Automation

1. Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence uses tracking codes to monitor the online behaviors of customers. From here, marketers then analyze and identify patterns that they can use to create behavior-based market segments.

2. Business Development

Business development is the second category of marketing automation and is focused upon moving potential customers from awareness of a brand to being ready to buy. To do so, it is essential to segment and nurture groups based on interests and various other behavioral measures.

3. Workflow Automation

Workflow automation refers to internal processes such as budgeting, digital asset management, the marketing calendar, and other information that large businesses need to run marketing departments.

There are several benefits of marketing automation. An automated marketing strategy can save time and resources, and subsequently increase revenue and ROI.

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