Social Media Marketing

SMM – An essential but potentially time-consuming task; we understand!  Taking the time necessary to build a strategy can be daunting, but we’re up for the heavy lifting.  Our team will tackle the challenge of building a strategic plan and map out exactly how it will unfold in the months to come.  Playing online isn’t our thing, we’re about business.   We understand the balance needed, how to devise a strategy with impact, and the importance of a consistent voice to represent your business online.

Social Media Advertising

As an integrated part of our society and communications both personally and professionally, social media has become an essential conduit of communicating our products and services values.  Understanding how to delicately balance the degree of ‘business talk’ and ‘social engagement’ is truly a strategic art.  Our professionals know how to make purpose of your social channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Being online with a nice website is definitely a positive step, however, as we know the www is a huge marketplace.  Getting your website discovered requires a specific skill and understanding from a professional team that understands the constantly changing landscape.  Google’s algorithm changes over 750 times a year, and if you are not aware of and complying with those changes you will find your SEO efforts being fruitless; or worse… you could find your site being penalized.   Don’t dabble in areas that could cost you critical leads or sales, leave the heavy lifting to a Certified Team of Professionals.  Our SEO Marketing agency is unique as we have always been on the cutting edge of digital marketing and have achieved our designation as Certified Digital Marketing Leaders!

Marketing Automation

Track customers even before you know their name. Marketing automation can connect the dots and tell you where they’ve been throughout your site.  Once we have drawn them to your site, seen what they viewed and what actions -or lack of action- was taken, we will build powerful automation flows that will send them dynamic content or targeted messages based on their interests.  Our teams experience and intuitive software will deliver insights and results that amaze, delight and most importantly convert.

Facebook Advertising

When creating an effective Facebook campaign we consider the overall marketing, advertising and sales objectives of our individual clients.  Facebook advertising is an evolving marketing strategy that requires experience and insight along with the effective use of advanced technology.  Our team is familiar with identifying trends and key optimization strategies, ensuring that our clients are noticed in searches that relate to their key products and services.

Google Advertising

An AdWords campaign is most effectively conducted by someone who is familiar, active and experienced in using this channel.   A strong strategy is key but it must be dynamic enough to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms of Google.  The use of advanced technology allows our team to run multiple campaigns within this single platform or across multiple channels, ensuring that our clients dollars are being spent effectively and appropriately.

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