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Photos Vs. Videos on Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is all about visuals. In recent years, video marketing has become incredibility prominent, leaving many businesses wondering whether video or photo posts are more effective. Social media videos allow marketers to convey more information in less time and improves their accessibility and reach. However, there are also downfalls of video marketing such as the time and effort that it takes to create video posts, as well as the cost of high-quality equipment. Social media photos, on the other hand, are a great way to create a strong online presence. Additionally, photos are quick, easy, and beneficial for brands with limited resources. However, social media photos do not attract the same level of engagement or reach as videos do. 

Below are three keys ways in which videos typically perform better than photos:  

  1. Video receives more exposure and engagement: Video content often performs better within most social media algorithms as it captures a viewer’s attention for a longer period of time.Videos force individuals to stop scrolling and to pay attention to a post in order to understand the central message. In fact, videos often receive double the engagement that images receive.  
  1. Videos convey a clearer message: Videos allow you to convey more information quickly, and in a way that is easily understood by consumers. Often, when brands post images with long captions, consumers lose interest and do not read it.
  1. Videos allow you to share more information: One of the most prominent advantages of video content is that you can share a larger amount of information in a much quicker and more efficient way. Moreover, this information is much easier for consumers to absorb and it is less likely that consumers will click away.
  1. Videos can differentiate you from competitors: While videos are much more effective, they are also much more time consuming to create. As such, some of your competitors may not want to spend the time or money to create video content. Subsequently, this will allow your brand to stand out for competitors and show your creativity. 

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