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Instagram Reels is one of Instagram’s newest features. Instagram Reels gives users the ability to create and share short and engaging videos. Reels are 15 or 30 second videos that can include multiple video clips, filters, backgrounds, and captions. Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels do not disappear after 24 hours and instead appear on your main Instagram page. As such, Instagram Reels has quickly become an incredibly useful tool for social marketing. 

Instagram Reels Vs. TikTok 

Instagram Reels and TikTok are very similar. Both Reels and TikTok allow users the ability to post short, creative content. However, they also have significant differences. For instance, TikTok is its own unique platform, while Reels exists within Instagram. Additionally, Reels give users the ability to create 15, 30, and 60 second videos. TikTok, however, has a video limit of up to 3 minutes. 

Benefits of Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels provides brands with the ability to create efficient and creative content. Some of the most prominent benefits include: 

  • Increased visibility.  
  • Enhanced share ability. Since Reels do not vanish after 24 hours, users can view and share stories. 
  • Better discoverability. Reels appear in the explore tab, which allows your content to reach an increased number of people. 

Some of the best ways to utilize Reels for your business include highlighting new products, answering frequent questions, providing useful tips, sharing exclusive sales, and posting behind-the-scenes content.  

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