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Why a Logo is Important?

Why a Logo is Important?

Have you ever taken a logo quiz? How often did you guess the right brand simply by its logo? For instance, brands like Tim Horton, McDonald or even Mercedes. How many did you guess wrong? Do you ever question why you can identify a specific brand’s logo and not another’s? Even if a brand name is not integrated into the design, at least 99% of people could identify and name the brand it represents; that’s the power and importance of a logo that most people fail to understand. The logo is always a predominant part of the business, whether online or offline, as it’s the most visible element of your business when anyone is searching for your business online or offline. It is advised not to diminish the priority your logo plays.


Nevertheless, if you are not entirely sold on the idea of having a logo, below are a few reasons why a well-crafted logo is so important.


1. A Logo helps you stand out from others

There are billions of businesses online/ offline, so companies seek ways to be distinguishable from others in this cutthroat competitive world. A winsomely composed logo can assist you in distinguishing your brand from your competitors. A logo crafted from the Mainstream Marketing creative team can help make your company unique and individual by integrating shapes, fonts, and colors in a unique manner that is distinct to your business. If a firm has a logo that is unique, creative and modern, it will undoubtedly get noticed –in the right way! After all, that is what the ultimate goal of business branding is.

Nevertheless, if your logo is not uncommon and similar to other existing brands, your brand is going to simply get mixed in with the others.  Without attracting customers, you cannot expand your business further, so understanding the importance of a logo is crucial. It will ultimately open the gateway to welcoming more opportunities to grow your business.


2. Reflects your business

One aspect that makes a brand successful as a logo is that it reflects its business in the best possible way. Let us take an example of the fast-food chain Harveys. The iconic Eastern Canadian fast-food chain’s logo features two hamburger buns in the company’s traditional white and orange, with Harvey’s name sandwiched in the middle. The logo is simplistic, easy to understand, and reflects what the brand is all about. On the contrary, if the fast-food chain had a pasta symbol on its logo, would it support what a consumer can expect from the business or its products?


3. Invoke emotional responses

Another important function of a logo is its colour schemes and how it invokes an emotional response, which is vital for any brand. To help develop a sentimental tie to specific product offerings or the brand, the Mainstream Marketing creative team can apply the right colour schemes. A pizza company may use red to evoke feelings like warmth and comfort when eating a delicious slice. In contrast, an NGO may use white, blue, or yellow colours in its logo to invoke emotions like peace, wisdom, and optimism.


4. Your audience anticipates it

Have you come across any brand that you instantly remember because of its logo? For instance, a big red-colored ‘M’ would signify McDonald’s. When your audience notices any communication from your brand, the logo is the first thing your audience will look for and identify it immediately. A logo should be front and center of all your marketing materials, such as business cards, newsletters, advertisements, etc. If you do not have a consistent logo, especially one that stands out, you are missing an opportunity to engrave your business in the minds of your audience.


If the above helped you to realize the importance of a strong, well-built logo and its vital role as the pinnacle of a successful brand, than you may want to contact the creative team at Mainstream Marketing today to review your existing logo or to create an innovative logo design for your brand.