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printing services windsor ontarioEven in our “technology based” world, there is still a high demand for printed marketing materials. Understanding that the “printed piece” will –for years to come- maintain a place in business and marketing. Making the right first impression is more strategic than just a pretty design.

Did you Know… printed marketing materials are observed by clients in the following list of priorities…

Most Perceived Value to Least Perceived Value

1 Feel / Touch

2 Image / Visual

3 Initial Message / 1-2 seconds

4 What Value Does It Bring To Them

Don’t cut short the impact your marketing materials will have by printing on low quality materials You have spent valuable time and money on developing the right look and message -now carry it through with the right print stocks that will support the impression you want to provide your customers.

We offer a varity of printing solutions for your business needs. From business cards to stationery to marketing materials and more.

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