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4 Hidden Features of Microsoft Teams

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If you’re working from home, you’ve likely used Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is an incredibly versatile workspace that gives people the ability to connect, to collaborate, and to work with their team members virtually. However, the workspace has several hidden features that many users are unaware of.

Here are 4 features that are available on Microsoft Teams that will help you to work more efficiently:

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One of the best ways to keep track of the key points from your meeting is to use meeting notes. Once you’re in a meeting, select ‘More Options’, and then ‘Meeting Notes’. Once selected, an area will pop up that will allow you to record notes for the meeting. If the conversation shifts during the meeting, you can add a new section to the notes to separate each topic. When the meeting is done, you can go back into the conversation from the meeting to access and edit the notes.

Meeting notes are a great way to keep track of the conversation without having to leave the meeting.

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Another great feature of Microsoft Teams is that you can save and bookmark messages for later. If someone sends an important message, you can save this message for later by clicking the sash icon at the top of the message. All saved messages can be viewed later through the ‘Saved’ page under your profile picture. This feature is incredibly valuable and can save you a lot of time. Instead of scrolling through all of the messages from a meeting, you can bookmark and save the most important ones that you want to refer back to!

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Another very useful function of Microsoft Teams is the ability to record your meetings. Once you start your meeting, click on settings, and then select ‘start recording.’ This will record your meetings and save them for later. This is incredibly helpful for people who were unable to attend the meeting, or even if someone needs to go back and listen in the future for clarification.

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Finally, Microsoft Teams’ collaboration with Microsoft Visio is a very useful feature. Microsoft Visio is able to collaborate with Microsoft Teams to simplify how you brainstorm and plan your work by giving you the ability to create layouts, diagrams, and charts. This will help you create flowcharts, decision diagrams, and playbooks. Once the file is shared, all team members can edit the file directly through the workspace.

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