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Using Video for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Incorporating Video SEO into your Strategies

Video represents a unique place in the SEO world. While the contents of a video itself aren’t indexed by search engines—at least not yet—the meta data embedded to the video is! Companies who want to use video as part of their SEO strategies need to use a combination of traditional SEO techniques as well as new techniques that work especially for video SEO.   Adding video within an existing SEO campaign is more about understanding how video and SEO work together, than changing your current SEO practices altogether.

Video isn’t just about funny messages or weird personal talents. Using video can translate into real revenue for your business. Over 180 million Internet users are estimated to watch online video content every month. That’s a lot of people who could see your message or learn about your products/services. is a leading innovator in the online commerce market. This online shoe and apparel store has a billion dollar annual revenue. When Zappos evaluated its revenue stream after incorporating video into its marketing strategy, they discovered a 30% increase in sales. 180 million is over half the United States population.

Video SEO isn’t a side strategy for a successful business; it’s a direct line to a huge chunk of the consumer market.

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