Video Marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of online content marketing.

Video has influenced our lives throughout the 20th and 21st centuries from T.V. commercials, to movies, home video and now everyday use of smartphones. Video is now playing an increasingly important role in our professional lives as well. This popularity in video is mirrored in consumer trends, with users dedicating up to 40 minutes each day to online video consumption [1]. In the US alone, the average person spends around 19 hours a month consuming videos, with 60% of this time spent watching product videos [2].

Why Video Marketing Matters?


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Video marketing can be integrated into your marketing strategy in so many ways. Here are some ideas…

  • Add a video to your website’s landing page to increase user engagement.
  • Upload your videos to your favourite social channel (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to promote your video across high traffic video platforms.
  • Make your email marketing campaigns more interactive by adding in a video link that can explain more information about your product or service.

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Video Marketing allows endless possibilities for accelerating awareness of your products or services; the more aware people are of what you have to offer and how it may benefit them the more likely you are to land a sale and a new (or repeat) customer.

Call us for a free video marketing consultation and we can help you from start to finish with your next video project.
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[1] Brafton, Data makes a case for live, long-form video content  [2] Invodo, Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary [Infographic]

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