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The Psychology of Colour

The psychology of colour

Is your the colour of your logo saying the right things about your company? When it comes to logo design, there is a long list of decisions that have to be made in order to achieve an effective logo. One important decision is the choice of colour(s). Although you may have a favourite colour (we all do), it is important to understand what emotion that colour is encouraging the viewer to feel. This colour guide, from The Logo Company, helps to illustrate a few of the characteristics these colours portray.

Scientists have been studying the psychology of colour for years, and have made links between colours and their subconscious triggers to certain emotions. For example, red evokes feelings of excitement, youthfulness, and boldness (as well as many other emotions). It is not a coincidence that it is the colour of many power companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Target. Although we may not realize, we receive these subconscious cues, and in connect with the message received.

The image above just begins to explain the importance colour choice has to the quality of branding, but there are many great articles and studies available to further your knowledge. It’s time to find out what your logo is really saying about your company.

Source: The Logo Company