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The Power of Social Media Influencers

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When a commercial plays on TV, the first thing that most of us do is change the channel — this is also true on social media. When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and a random ad pops up, most of us keep scrolling without looking at it twice. But what if it were your favourite celebrity promoting this product — would you pay attention then? Research says yes! With most people utilizing ad blocking technology, companies have had to get creative with the ways in which they advertise to and attract consumers. And in 2021, influencers are key.  

So why do people trust influencers more than simply an ad? Well, social media influencers appear more organic than traditional paid advertisements. An influencer is a trusted blogger or social media person that you trust — if you didn’t, you likely wouldn’t follow them! Influencers have a closer bond with their followers, which makes their followers more likely to trust the brand that they’re promoting. Word-of-mouth influences 20-50% of purchasing decisions. There are influencers for health, beauty, technology — everything! People actively invest their time and interest into following these influencers, so they are significantly more likely to trust their opinion than a random ad! 

Looking to spruce up your brand? An influencer can be the perfect solution! Influencers can help to promote the key points of your brand and are known for making waves on social media. Using influencers is a terrific way to modernize your brand and heighten recognition. Click here to look at some brands that utilize influencer marketing well.

Here are six big benefits to using influencer marketing to bolster your social strategy:

  1. Quickly builds trust
  2. Improves brand awareness 
  3. Enriches your content strategy
  4. Effectively reaches your target audience 
  5. Provides amazing value to your audience 
  6. Builds winning partnerships 

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