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Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

In last week’s post, we established that social media marketing is essential for your business to grow during the digital age. The next task is to determine how you should be using social media marketing in order to take full advantage of ALL of the benefits.

The first step is simple: creating an account on a social media platform. If done correctly, social media marketing can solidify branding, attract consumers, and drive sales. But, if it’s not done right, it can be a time-wasting hassle.

Let’s look at some helpful tips to ensure that you’re doing social media marketing the right way:

#1: Identify Your Goals

With everything, it’s important to map out what you hope to achieve. One great way to do so is using the SMART goal setting strategy — this means creating specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. Create a foundation and timeline for your goals before launching right into marketing!

#2: Identify Your Audience

Now that we’ve identified our goals, we need to determine who we’re trying to target and what they’re interested in. It’s also important to consider what platforms these individuals use, and how they use them.


#3: Select Effective Platforms

Now that we’ve successfully identified our goals for social media marketing, and who we’re trying to target, we must now determine what platforms we should be using in order to reach this target demographic. It’s important to choose one or two platforms that you believe will be most effective for your business as it takes a lot of time to curate strong media content. Research your target demographic to discover what platforms they utilize and most often engage with.

#4: Have a Qualified Social Media Manager

In order to use social media marketing to its full potential, a social media manager can be a great asset. Social media managers are strategic, organized individuals who are experienced in branding. These individuals can create effective short- and long-term goals, and can help to significantly increase engagement with followers and customers.

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#5: Post Consistently

Consistency, consistency, consistency! The most effective social media accounts are those that create and share cohesive content constantly. This ensures that potential consumers are constantly up to date with what’s going on with your company, and remain engaged!

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