Business 101

Stepping Outside of Our Own Worlds

Being part of a team is not always easy. We all have quirks and traits that may need to be adjusted in order to ensure that our work environment is as strong and healthy as possible- for ourselves and our teammates. As children we were taught a few basic rules about life that are useful on a daily basis:

  1. Be helpful. This may mean taking on an unpleasant task to help out another team member in order to benefit the team as a whole.
  2. Be considerate of others. Limit distracting conversations; be mindful of your tone when speaking to your teammates; be respectful of others’ time and timelines.
  3. Take responsibility. If you made a mistake: own it, fix it, and then move on. If you have committed to a project; complete it within the agreed-upon time frame.
  4. Pick up after yourself. Clean up the coffee you spill on the kitchen counter; complete your assigned projects and tasks on time; do not leave things (or tasks) behind for others to clean up.

We are all busy (sometimes to point of insanity!) but every now and again we need to step outside of our own little world and consider the worlds of our teammates. Our daily actions affect those around us- why not make it a positive effect!