Business 101

Doing The Right Kind Of Business

doing the right kind of business

In a highly competitive world it is sometimes easy to lose scope of ethics and morals.   Competition can be heavy and customers can be demanding as they pressure suppliers to drop pricing, deliver more value or to do things that might be “questionable”.   Establishing your company’s “moral and ethical compass” can sometimes feel daunting and restrictive.  However, doing the right kind of business will have its rewards and will attract other like-minded businesses and business dealings.  If you find yourself trapped in an industry that has weak morals it is important to consistently remind yourself that swimming upstream is difficult and does present more challenges but, it will also get you noticed more often and will produce results that others missed.

As a business professional and as a good Leader, you first need to have the ultimate vision of what your company can, should or desires to be;  then you need to understand what path you need to start carving out for your team to follow.  You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting but you are required to be the beacon that they will all look toward to find the guidance, hope and direction that they ARE SEEKING.  As children and young adults we all looked to our parents or business mentors for guidance and inspiration, as we age and settle into the role of being the parent, mentor or beacon for others, we sometimes forget that it is still important to have those “idols” that will provide us with the inspiration that helps guide us through the troubled waters and struggles that we are being tested by –sometimes daily.  It is important to remind ourselves of the old adage… “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”.   Oh how true this is.

So my suggestion to anyone who finds themselves in the middle of such a dilemma is to take a step back, look at the big picture of what is going on and to re-establish what your vision and goals are for yourself –personally, and for the company.  Remember, your mentors may have unknowingly been guiding you through your many life or professional challenges…. so are you unknowingly mentoring someone who respects who you are, what you do and your success?   If so, are you setting an example that would make you proud?

Doing business the right way is honourable, but it isn’t the easiest!    Make a commitment to yourself, your team and to all those you are learning from the “manual” you are producing every day.  Do things right and the universe will reward your efforts.