Business 101

Motivation and Achieving Our Goals

Whether it be at work or in our personal lives, we all set goals for ourselves with the intention of one day accomplishing them. Distractions, unfortunately, can come far too easily in the ever-so-busy world we live in.  Set backs can often leave us feeling discouraged or defeated, and this is where most loose sight of their goals.

We set goals to challenge and strengthen ourselves, and the pursuit of the end goal is often the most rewarding part of the journey. As Thomas Jefferson quoted “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”  Finding the time to remind yourself of your goals and passions can help to rejuvenate the spark that initiated the pursuit of goal in the first place.

The animated short film “Much Better Now” from Salon Alphin is a pleasant reminder that we must push ourselves to truly realize what we are capable of, as well as acknowledge that there is a world of opportunity and greatness that surrounds us, just waiting to be discovered.

Watch the video!