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5 Website Design/Content Tips to Keep People Coming Back!

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With the mass amount of websites out there it can be tough at times to keep people coming back to your website. One of the most important things to keep in mind is if they have trouble or get lost throughout their experience they may never come back! Below is a list of 5 basic website design/content tips to engage and keep your visitors coming back for more:

  1. Engage your Users with Imagery
    Engage users using powerful imagery included in dynamic animated slideshows. Including awesome images in a parallax format will engage the user as they scroll down your website.
  2. Icons for Navigation and buttons
    Use clear and concise icons to display menu items or buttons. This allows the user to navigate the website more visually.
  3. Update your Homepage
    Keep the homepage fresh and new by putting your blog right on the home page and posting often.
  4. Keep the content Simple
    Website content should be compressed and easy to read. When there is too much to read people will lose interest. If there are too many pages people may simply get lost.
  5. Notify People all the Time
    Keeping people notified by a news page that is regularly updated will let people know that things are changing and they should check back often.