Strategy Marketing


Having a strategy marketing plan is crucial to business growth. If you don’t know where you want to be, how can you understand how to get there?

Mainstream Marketing has developed a Unique Marketing System that simplifies this process! Our team has taken the time, effort and a client perspective approach in the development of our Unique System. We understand that not every business wants, needs or can afford to hand over all their marketing needs to an agency like us.  So we have made it easy for our clients to decide what is best for their individual situation.

Our Unique 4-week  Strategy Marketing Approach

Week 1:
The Marketing Assessment Workbook

In a brief 30-minute phone call, we explain the Marketing Needs Assessment Workbook and ask that you complete the first section prior to the discovery meeting scheduled for Week 2.

Week 2:
Discovery Meeting

We conduct a two-hour online meeting using the Marketing Needs Assessment you completed to evaluate your firm’s current situation, goals, target market, existing campaigns and marketing collateral.

Week 3:
Marketing Plan

You are presented with our unique “Single Page Marketing Strategy”. Together, we will discuss revisions in a follow-up meeting.

Week 4:
Present Final Marketing Strategy

You will receive a final draft of the marketing strategy which includes the actions and tactics to be implemented in the next quarter. We will discuss final revisions in an online/in-person follow-up meeting. The final marketing strategy will guide the monthly call/meeting that we will conduct throughout the year.


Ongoing: Monthly Marketing Meetings

Once a month, you will meet with your Account Executive to discuss the status of your campaign and strategies, identify upcoming priorities and assess potential opportunities. One meeting per quarter, your Account Executive will be joined by our Marketing Director to evaluate current marketing efforts and establish priorities for the upcoming quarter.

Each client (new or existing) is provided with this marketing strategy that plots the points on your marketing roadmap, providing details on each activity that will need to be performed throughout the year. During this four-week process we evaluate your current situation, goals, and preferences to provide you with specific marketing recommendations that will be implemented. This marketing strategy will serve as the foundation for all plans and actions in the coming year.