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Grant Partner Access to Facebook Business Manager

Granting access to Pages, Ads Manager, eCommerce Catalogs, etc.

1. Log into your Facebook Business Manager here:

Login to FB Business Manager

2. Navigate to Business Settings by following going to the url, or selecting Settings from the side navigation then More Business Settings.

Go To Business Settings
more settings

3. Under Users select Partners.


4. Click the blue Add button, then select Give a partner access to your assets.

partner access

5. Add Mainstream Marketing’s Business ID (2000195693544074) into the Partner Business ID field, and select Next.

Mainstream Marketing's Business ID:


merchant id

5. Grant access to the appropriate assets (Pages, Ad Accounts, eCommerce Catalogs, etc.). Choose a type of asset in the first column, select the assets in the second column, and set permissions in the third column. Be sure to assign access to all assets we may need to complete your marketing initiative. 

TIP: When in doubt, it is best to use the Full Control options.

Save your changes and you are done!


Connect Facebook & Instagram Business Pages

1. Log into your Facebook Business Manager here:

Login to FB Business Manager

2. Navigate to Page Settings by selecting All Tools from the side navigation then Page Settings.

page settings

3. In the search field, being to type Instagram, then select the Instagram option when it appears.


4. Select the Connect account, and log into the Instagram account.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only Instagram business accounts may be connected! 

connect account

5. Once connection is completed you you will see a ‘Connected Instagram Account’ message with details about your account.

insta connected

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